MAIA Estates is a development firm that delivers best-in-class living spaces driven by sustainable design and innovative technology. For two years, I was responsible for the experience, design and marketing of the Experience Center, and along with the team, launched the brand and it’s flagship project. 

Defining the Opportunity 

To drive impact in a highly competitive landscape, it was important to begin by defining the company’s objective and the audience needs. We performed 
in-depth stakeholder and user research interviews along with a comprehensive benchmark analysis of experience centers.

The key takeaway from the research was that most experience centers exhibited a disconnected experience which proved challenging for future home buyers to drive decision. We focused on creating a experience for HNI’s—one that was unified, welcoming and exclusive.


We identified three areas of focus to enable an enriched experience:

(1) Craft a compelling story.

(2) Build a captivating space which takes into account the five senses.

(3) Provide an exceptional visitor experience with the use of innovative technology. 

The Soul of Jakkur Lake

The residential apartment ‘Pelican Grove’ sits on the banks of the city’s less known gem, the Jakkur Lake. Naturally, the landscape’s innate flora and fauna became the source of inspiration for the project.

A film glorifying the lake had been produced and played at strategic locations across the city to build curiosity. Additionally, a coffee book whose cover that was inspired by the pelican and a palm leaf had been designed which gave details of the project and its surrounding. 

A Unified Journey

Along the CX journey, we focused on a variety of sensory dimensions across touchpoints to drive memorability and impact. One of the key highlights of the journey, ‘The Experience Theatre’, featured mood based lighting and sounds, a rain forest cubicle, digital and physical installations and an interactive projection of the future residences. 

To help facilitate a seamless service and draw visitor bookings, I designed an ecosystem blueprint that accounted for multiple actors and user interactions. 

“How can we go beyond a physical scaled model of the residence?”

One of the touchpoints in the journey involves the visualization of the future living space. Most traditional experiences include a scaled model of the property which users observe from a distance. 

To create engagement, the team designed an interactive 3D projection of the project which allowed for customers to explore key aspects of the project such as the exteriors, interiors and amenities at different times of the day. 

Impact and Recognition

The project set unprecedent records by selling 75% of its high-end units within the first quarter of its debut. Further, MAIA Estates went onto win a total of 27 awards at the prestigious International Property Awards and Asia Pacific Property Awards including Best Experience Center, Emerging Developer of the year, Best Residence Development, Best Sustainable Development and more.

The company further acquired an investment worth 80 Million Dollars on future projects.


Conversions in First Quarter


International Awards Won

$80 million

Investment Acquired


The meticulously planned project and its accolades received national coverage in leading architecture and news portals, including Architectural Digest, Economic Times, Little Black Book and Business Wire.


Maia Estates

Senior Experience Designer